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Strange Tails

We're delighted to have a strong population of strange-tailed tyrants at the reserve. So much so that we've adopted these beautiful and endangered birds as the symbol of the Trust

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Help Wanted

We need your help to provide a safe, sustainable environment for these irreplaceable and seriously threatened animals. Your donations - however small - are very welcome indeed, and if you can volunteer useful skills then we'd love to hear from you!

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Noctilio albiventris

Noctilio albiventris

Lesser Bulldog Bat

We came across this chunky brightly coloured bat during a research session on the banks of the Parana.  This bat is present in the Ibera Marshes but is usually found hunting low over large water bodies.  It consumes insects and small fish and collects its prey in its large claws.

This is a large bat which weighs around 50g and has a forearm length or around 65mm.  Is fur is usually bright orange, reddish or yellowish.  All the individuals that we captured of this species were brightly coloured, although the females slightly less so.

The face is reminiscent of a hare and it has large jowls.  The wings are wide, strong and rubbery enabling it to manouvre and turn efficiently close to the water.  Ear are quite long and are not usually held upright.

The echolocation is very distinct and similar to its larger cousin leporinus although at a higher frequency of 70kHz

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