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We're delighted to have a strong population of strange-tailed tyrants at the reserve. So much so that we've adopted these beautiful and endangered birds as the symbol of the Trust

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Black and White Monjita

Black and White Monjita

Xolmis Dominicanus



The Black and White Monjita has suffered seriously from loss of habitat and is still in decline.  It is classed as Vulnerable in the IUCN redlist and is part of  the tyrannidae family.

This 20cm flycatcher appears similar to the more common White Monjita but it has a long totally black tail and much wider black wing remiges.  It has white edges to its primaries which are very conspicuous in flight.  The female is different with a V shaped pattern on her back.  Her crown, nape and upper back are grey.  

There are a few places in the Ibera Marshes where one can encounter this bird - usually on the edges of the marshland in cattle fields.  They are reasonably tame and one can approach to within 15m.

Threats to this species come from the usual habitat loss wihich is associated with routine burning, afforestation, grassland modification and marshland drainage.  It can also suffer from parasitism from Shiny Cowbirds.

We now see this species close to Reserva Don Luis and they appeared to be breeding in 2014.


Black & White Monjita (female)  Monjita Dominica (hembra)




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