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Strange Tails

We're delighted to have a strong population of strange-tailed tyrants at the reserve. So much so that we've adopted these beautiful and endangered birds as the symbol of the Trust

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Help Wanted

We need your help to provide a safe, sustainable environment for these irreplaceable and seriously threatened animals. Your donations - however small - are very welcome indeed, and if you can volunteer useful skills then we'd love to hear from you!

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Lasiurus cinereus

Lasiurus cinereus

Hoary Bat

The Hoary Bat, Lasiurus cinnereus, is often heard on our bat detectors around the reserve but up until now has not been captured for positive ID.  This is one of the most beautiful bats in the Americas.  This one was caught in the province of Buenos Aires but it is present in Corrientes.

It is the largest of the genus Lasiurus and part of the largest family of bats, Vespertillionidae.  It has a large range from Canada through to the middle of Argentina.  It also has populations in the Galapagos and Hawaii.

It weights around 25g and has very thick fur, including over the uropatagium and the dorsal side of the wing membrane. The fur has a dark base, with a wide length of pale yellow then a cinnamon band with frosted tips.  It has medium sized ears spaced apart on either side of the head and a dark muzzle.

It has one pup per year as do most bats although twins have been recorded.  It usually roosts alone in trees, hence the need for the thick fur and is also considered migratory.

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