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Strange Tails

We're delighted to have a strong population of strange-tailed tyrants at the reserve. So much so that we've adopted these beautiful and endangered birds as the symbol of the Trust

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Help Wanted

We need your help to provide a safe, sustainable environment for these irreplaceable and seriously threatened animals. Your donations - however small - are very welcome indeed, and if you can volunteer useful skills then we'd love to hear from you!

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Lichtenstein's Green Racer

Lichtenstein's Green Racer

Philodryas olfersii

This snake is one of several Green Racers found in the Ibera Marshes.  It is a member of the family Colubridae and is tree dwelling and diurnal.

It has a mildly venemous bite and preys on rodents, amphibians, lizards, birds and even other snakes.

It can grow up to a length of 1.5m, is bright green dorsally with a more yellowish venter.  It also has a flat bronze-coloured head.

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